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Éden cannibale [Cannibal eden]
Paris : Actes Sud & Errance (2004)

This novel is the story of a young hero who travels to the Trobobar islands in order to verify the validity of the theories of his mentor, Professor Véry-Strauss. He therefore goes to this archipelago with a very Straussian mind…
But who will be naive enough to believe everything that is said about the Trobobar [1] islands ?
It happens that these wild islands, still poorly known by the general public, are the scene of mysterious and incomprehensible murders upon the arrival of our hero. Both the small European community and the indigenous population appear to be struck by these crimes. Who will be able solve this detective riddle ?
There is also beautiful Tahwiri… a hunt for a legendary treasure which, it is said, contains a diamond larger than the Koh-i-Nor… and many other characters, among whom the friendly professor Kiki-koko…
These beautiful islands were once heavenly locations. The murderer, however, continually commits his crimes in an atmosphere of love affairs and intrigue. And archaeologists are still looking for the lost treasure.
At the end of the story what will one find ? And what will remain of the childhood dreams of our young hero ?

[1] There is in french a play on words difficult to translate : "Trobobar" is spelt like "trop bobards", which means "lying a lot, never saying the truth".

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